Most people use social media like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to keep in touch with family, chat with friends, and potentially stalk their exes. In any case, most of the users on social media use it as a way to keep in contact with their network of friends and family or to grow their audience by buying followers.

Most people follow influencers, celebrities, or famous people on social media, but have you ever thought about contacting them directly? Now, most of the readers of this article are more than likely saying a variety of things in their heads.

Why would an influencer listen to me? Celebrities have millions of followers and subscribers, so why read my texts? He/she is famous, surely, they don’t read every message or even care enough to respond?

The answer to all those questions is simply: Why not you? There are people every day who are sending messages to famous leaders on social media, and many of them are getting at least a response. But why? What are they doing that makes them get reached out too?

Well first, they have a reason to be reaching out. Don’t go after a celebrity, send them a selfie or a meme pic, and then expect it to be retweeted or reposted. So, have a reason for talking to the influencer, and treat the message professionally.

For example, let’s say that you are a painter and you recently took some inspiration from an artist blogger that you follow. So, reach out and treat the post like a formal email, give some background about your career, talk about the blog post that inspired you to give them some connection to you, and then explain how they helped you.

Don’t use hashtags, emojis, memes, text speak or try to get the latest update on your Instagram followers app. It can be hard to put yourself into a professional mindset if you are sending a message over social media, but be sure to take your time and read it over a few times to ensure that it sounds professional.

Basically, the greater respect you give an influencer, the more likely they are to reach back out and thank you. If you are asking the influencer for something, for example, a quote for one of your projects, always ask for their opinion first.

If someone emailed you and expected you to instantly drop everything and answer their questions, chances are they will not respond. However, if someone simply says “can I get your opinion?” and asks for your expertise, then you would more than likely feel a desire to help them out.

Influencers are great people, but they are still people, so as long as you reach out to them with respect and ask for their expertise then they will connect with you. So, if you have an idea that requires using an influencer, don’t be intimidated by their status or follower count. Just reach out respectfully, and no matter what you’ll at least have a chance of getting their attention.