My journey with social media was never an easy one, namely because I am not a very social person. Plus, half the time I didn’t know what to post on all my social media accounts. Thankfully, I mostly resorted posting links to articles and things I had done, and not any of these things.

Before I started on social media, I researched what would be of the most value to my audience, and then began posting those items. I also did some research on what not to post. While some of these things are silly and others have me scratching my head as to why anyone would post these things, I won’t have any of them on my account!

Personal information: My Instagram followers don’t need to see this, even the followers I might buy, why anyone would put personal information online for the world to see is just crazy. I’ve got my work email and phone on my Instagram and LinkedIn, but that’s all anyone needs to know about contacting me.

Food pics: While a few pictures about something great I had for lunch have graced my account, namely because I am sharing said lunch with family, friends, or clients… I don’t make that all I do. Besides, I’m often too hungry to remember to snap a picture when it comes to lunchtime!

Private information: If I want to make a dig at someone or share a private message, I do so privately. I don’t know how people can just air out their personal conversations or petty grievances in front of the entire internet. If a conversation really needs to be had, for me it will happen offline.

Explicit Content: I personally don’t understand this one, but anything dirty, degrading, insulting, or downright toxic shouldn’t be online, to begin with because it will never go away. It’s a permanent stain on someone’s account, record, and very personality. Posting explicit content and anything toxic, racist, or anything that plays on hatred or fears is never okay.

We’ve seen the effect those tweets and posts have on the lives of those who have posted them in the current day, and I certainly don’t want an errant post coming back to bite me in the tail!

My social media account is far from perfect, but it isn’t plagued with anything bad or pointless. I instead focus on providing meaningful and purposeful content, and that is what helps me build the audience that I have today.

For anyone else who seeks to create a new social media presence on any website, researching what you can and cannot, or maybe even should and should not post is something to do. So, do what I did and figure out the tone, theme, and the intended audience for your social media account.

Then make a list of posts you should make, and posts you shouldn’t make on the account. Then you won’t ever have to worry.